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We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to https://pirateshosting.xyzonly takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 25 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today!

PiratesHosting - One of the best hosting provider in term of affordable price and premium services in performance, offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base ! 

pirateshosting.com providing game servers (Free and Paid ) from past 3  years 2017-2020 

We provide game servers like MTA SA,Samp And CS1.6  you can check the plans and costs from below links : https://pirateshosting.xyz/

Free game servers details :
MTA AND SAMP For free 
1GB Storage provided 
 Up to 30- 500 Slots free
No Mysql provided
No DDOS protection provided
No guarentee of 99% uptime 
No responsibilty for data loss 
Europe Locations : France,London ,Amsterdam
termination of server and account if found any copyrights ,stolen resources reports !
If you intrested to get a free game server contact me :  via discord  Storm-Hanma#9704 or use our website to contact us : https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.com/contact.php

Cheap cost paid plans :
MTA SA PLAN 1       
300 Slots                                                       
2 GB Storage(SSD Process)
Advanced DDOS Protection
Europe Locations : France,London ,Amsterdam
Game Panel provided
24 Hrs support
99% Uptime online 
Option to add Subaccounts 
COST :  starting from 1.50 Euros /monthly,  Semiannually-5Euros ,  Annually-10Euros
Visit here to check more plans for mta sa https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.xyz/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=1

Note : Leaked resources ,stolen resources ,copyrights issues not allowed to upload in our mta sa  servers it may lead to termination of account and game server without any money refund !

We thank our sponsor for being with us from past years 

want to reach us Join Pirateshosting.com discord channel : https://discord.com/invite/bR5CEN5

Quick FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)
1. How to Request free game Server?
 When you reach minimum Requirements goto "Game Server Request" section create new thread use format. fill the formats question and post your thread. Our Admin reply you as soon as possible.

2. How to keep Warning Level 0%?

A: Make sure your post is legally. don't post Adult things, don't spam. any abuse post can make your account Upto 90% Warning OR 100% means permanent Banned.

3. Is This Website provide free shared Hosting too?
 well yes but not yet. as soon as possible for us we'll. Yet we need developers.

4. I can Become staff member on PiratesHosting?
 Ofcourse, Staff seats are available such as (Live Chat Agent, Administrator, Web-Developer, Server-Developer,)

Watch the video how to get free server : https://youtu.be/sT2sDF6qxy8

Join official discord channel : https://discord.gg/DnZh5Cr


Updates : ogp game panel support added!

Europe locations available !

Up to 200 slots for free !

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Can't register. I  did everything right.



Please correct the following errors before continuing:

  • The answer you provided for the security question is wrong. Please try again.


Security Question

Please answer the question provided. This process is used to prevent automated processes.

Fill in the Blanks PiratesH__ting.com?

anserw is "os" right? Don't work for me.

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Update : merry Christmas too all  now we r giving free 50 slots without points all u need to do is register on forum and complete the 10 post requirements and claim ur free 50 sv slots ,it starts from DEC 25 end on 1 Jan so pls register asap and complete ur requirement all info can be seen below link

Merry Christmas to all


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Good choice for people that only care about a nice looking UI, the open source software used by this guy has some serious vulnerabilities allowing anyone with basic knowledge in bash scripting a full root shell to your server and database. People with bad intentions can easily steal scripts from other users or worse, delete your entire servers file system with just a one line command.

P.S mocking the single developer who reported these vulnerabilities months ago makes you look bad.

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 @James_Mdid you ever heard any stealing case form pirates hosting?anyone said you  that we stole scripts from other servers?next we don't need any scripts to stole ,we use open game panel which is used by all host ,only  group owner has access to there ftp ,dont comment like you want check our forum pirateshosting.com there r 85 members register on forum none have complaint any issues on stolen things ,and stop posting negative thoughts on my host !you just came in intense to spam my webiste dont know why u want not only me many hosts use ogp panel which is open source we have 8 vps which used to give free servers we give free servers so that player can test there wants in these free servers !

all users have seperate login details none can enter other gamepanel untill the user leak his gamepanel details 

we r total 4 developers all have different works to do ,how can u say that we have bad intense to steal?lmao dont think of this go check my site then try to post comment hahah

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You don't understand, I'm talking directly to you here. Your software has some serious vulnerabilities which is bad for your customers. I'm not here to attack you, I'm actually trying to help you, and most important, your customers who doesn't know how easy they can loose all their hard work if someone with bad intentions want to hack you.

Edited by James_M
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Dead host? Wow the guy who use server for months without completing requirements then how can the server supposed to be continue for those users?


Read it your server  @Dziugascstill there complete requirement and regain your server 

@James_M we don't have unissued softwares we r protected there is no chance of hack and don't post any false comments on us if you don't like ignore don't post all :~ things we r protected no chance of hack

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Celebration of 100 Members

Hello Everyone, We have reached 100 members about few days ago so our team decide to add more plan with more slots and space and of course with more slots and space there more posts required. 32-200 with different slots and space available on MTA:SA and SAMP. We have added 32-200 slots Plans in MTA:SA and SAMP gameServer.

For more details: Click here Grab your Plan before Plans are out of stock.

Read full announcement: Click here.

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We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up tohttp://www.PiratesHosting.com only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 15 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today!

|  500 members Celebration / New VPS | Anniversary news |
Hello Everyone,  Read Full Announcement Here
500 Members Celebrations:

Thanks to being with us on our journey we reached 500 members. (currently 543). Sorry for the delay but we were busy in personal issues.

something special ?
As you guys know we have few VPSes hosted on different locations such as France, USA. so we providing USA for free server and France VPS for Paid and free both.

now i'm introducing new location for paid service (Finland). Finland is for our paid customers but first 5 request of any gameserver can request for this new location.

How to buy paid server and features of paid service?

You can contact us anywhere that can easier for you. Pm, mail, contact on discord etc.
Quote:features of paid service:

- no post requirement.
- no downtime.
- DDoS protection.
- No CPU usage limit.
- France/Finland Location with best ping range all around the world.
- Many Many more we will add paid plan separately as soon as possible. if you want Kindly contact us.

Anniversary of PiratesHosting.com:

Last but not the least, you might have noticed that the PiratesHosting first Anniversary upcoming on this July. Thanks for being with us. I'm just giving hint about it that there will be surprise for our active members.

Stay tuned and support us with your donations:

Connect with Us.
[Image: Facebook.png][Image: 866945_game_512x512.png]

Please Support Us.
You can Support us by your Donations. even a penny (Donations 100% used for increase our Service)
You can Support us by Sponsoring us a VPS. (for Sponsorship. Kindly PM me or mail us [email protected])
You can Support us by Keep active and shared our website you to friends. (please share on your wall)
You can Support Us by Join our team and do you best. for member get product faster.

Best Regards,
Founder of PiratesHosting.
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Hello everyone thanks for supporting us we finally reached 900 members and this month of July its PH anniversary so we are trying for homepage so we shift the forum to new directory now you need to visit here for any request https://pirateshosting.com/forum/portal.php

Meanwhile we r giving some giveaways this month due to first anniversary don't want to leak it before only I just hint (free vps,domains ,servers ) quantity will be hidden stay tune with us thank you all for your love shown to pH.com !!

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