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Found 3 results

  1. We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to https://pirateshosting.xyzonly takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 25 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today! PiratesHosting - One of the best hosting provider in term of affordable price and premium services in performance, offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base ! pirateshosting.com providing game servers (Free and Paid ) from past 3 years 2017-2020 We provide game servers like MTA SA,Samp And CS1.6 you can check the plans and costs from below links : https://pirateshosting.xyz/ Free game servers details : MTA AND SAMP For free 1GB Storage provided Up to 30- 500 Slots free No Mysql provided No DDOS protection provided No guarentee of 99% uptime No responsibilty for data loss Europe Locations : France,London ,Amsterdam termination of server and account if found any copyrights ,stolen resources reports ! If you intrested to get a free game server contact me : via discord Storm-Hanma#9704 or use our website to contact us : https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.com/contact.php Cheap cost paid plans : MTA SA PLAN 1 300 Slots 2 GB Storage(SSD Process) Advanced DDOS Protection 1 MYSQL Europe Locations : France,London ,Amsterdam Game Panel provided 24 Hrs support 99% Uptime online Option to add Subaccounts COST : starting from 1.50 Euros /monthly, Semiannually-5Euros , Annually-10Euros Visit here to check more plans for mta sa https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.xyz/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=1 Note : Leaked resources ,stolen resources ,copyrights issues not allowed to upload in our mta sa servers it may lead to termination of account and game server without any money refund ! We thank our sponsor for being with us from past years https://evolution-host.com/ want to reach us Join Pirateshosting.com discord channel : https://discord.com/invite/bR5CEN5 Quick FAQ's (Frequently asked questions) [/b] 1. How to Request free game Server? A: When you reach minimum Requirements goto "Game Server Request" section create new thread use format. fill the formats question and post your thread. Our Admin reply you as soon as possible. 2. How to keep Warning Level 0%? A: Make sure your post is legally. don't post Adult things, don't spam. any abuse post can make your account Upto 90% Warning OR 100% means permanent Banned. 3. Is This Website provide free shared Hosting too? A: well yes but not yet. as soon as possible for us we'll. Yet we need developers. 4. I can Become staff member on PiratesHosting? A: Ofcourse, Staff seats are available such as (Live Chat Agent, Administrator, Web-Developer, Server-Developer,) Watch the video how to get free server : https://youtu.be/sT2sDF6qxy8 Join official discord channel : https://discord.gg/DnZh5Cr 5/7/2018: Updates : ogp game panel support added! Europe locations available ! Up to 200 slots for free !
  2. Game Server Request Format. Hello everyone, Welcome to Post4GameHost. We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to Post4GameHost.ml only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 25 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today! Before applying for Game Server, you have to meet requirements: - Made 25 posts - 0% warning level first you must meet the minimum requirements. then GOTO: "Game Server Request" section create new thread. Quote:your username - Posts - Gameserver For Example: Quote:Arsal Ahmed - 25 - MTA:SA Here is the Format for Free game server Application Quote:Your Full-Name: Your Full-Address: Your Age: Your Post (check your profile): Game Server? (MTA:SA,SAMP,CSGO,CS 1.6): Why you want a Free Game Server?: Something you want to share with us? For Example. Quote:Your Full-Name: Arsal Ahmed Your Full-Address: North Karachi, Sector 11/C-1 Sindh, Pakistan Your Age: 19 Your Post (check your profile): 25 Game Server? (MTA:SA,SAMP,CSGO,CS 1.6): MTA:SA Why you want a Free Game Server?: because i want to host my own game server for play with my friends. Something you want to share with us? yeah, i'm little bit programmer in CSS if you need help let me know. i'll help you. Notes: 1. If you don't meet the minimum requirements then your Application will be Denied 2. If you applied for game server and your application Denied then you can apply in next week. 3. Make sure you're posting Quality and legally Posts. 4. if you spam you'll get warning message and still spamming then your account is Banned. for more read our Rules. if you break any rule then you'll get punish by administrator. After register pls read rules +format of server best of luck !!
  3. Hello all post4gamehost giving 32 slots free game servers all u need to do is post 25 threads or post without spamming ,sexual content &copy paste method using !monthly 25 posts to active ur server Visit below link and claim ur free server -https://www.post4gamehost.ml Read requirements and rules before posting on forums best of luck !!we will add 50 slots server after 3 months !! Go go claim them !!
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