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[REL] Texture replacement SHADER (car wraps etc)

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3 hours ago, Snake[PL] said:

Ok, you add there infernus, but he also doesn't work.
On f2 you got panel, but it's doesn't work.

I don't believe that infernus is UV mapped or you might need to adapt the script to actually load one of the texture/wrap samples, the f2 isn't a panel but a shader start/stop switch. I would advise you to start using this resource as soon you know more about texture shaders/wraps and models.

Someone who knows what he's doing would have it up and running using this resource within a few minutes, also I can't answer all questions regarding UV mapping of models, maybe ask @Ren_712 in-depth questions about resource usage.

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On 7-6-2017 at 17:27, aka Blue said:

@Snake[PL] F2 but not working dont know why

The included infernus.dff isn't UV mapped.

Everything works, you'll just need to add a wrap compatible vehicle model. As I said, those who know how to work with these kind of resources can have it up and running pretty fast.

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Dude this script isn't even communicating with itself :/
On debugscript 3 the F2 doesn't send anything to console or debugscripts

I had a pro modeler create a UV mapped infernus for me today, had multiple scripters attempt to apply a shader using this script and ALL fail ):::: help me out bro I'll send you my UV mapped infernus just help me out.
Logo's aren't a big thing for me I just want custom skins like Zebra, etc.
I have scripters waiting to implement options just help me apply the skin bro plz

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"*Note: your vehicle models must be UV mapped/wrap compatible for it to work, default included infernus.dff is NOT working for that reason and is just a placeholder. "


What does that mean, I want to add this in to my server, but does this need a script or something?

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Just now, Ren_712 said:

Ok so here is the thing

To see the vehicles you need to teleport to (0,0,4) position on the map. You'll see some vehicles created there. When you push f2 you will destroy/create textures and vehicles.

So it's basically a proof-of-concept script it seems, as I predicted usable for those with some experience on texture/vehicle wrap loading.

Might look into something more ready for use.. thanks for clarifying @Ren_712

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4 minutes ago, Ren_712 said:

sure, I should have added auto teleportation option for the player.

I see what you did there, now :) 

didn't even bother to look at the code much before releasing.


It's still a good base resource for anyone looking to create shader tex wrap resources.

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