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I need a little help

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K, got a free trial of vegas video 6, and that pinnacle studios one is 80 buks :shock:

Anyway, untill I get rolling with all this stuff, sadly, I'm going to have to upload my different stunt clips one by one :( Oh, and whats that prog that allows u to use the divex codec? to compress it or whatever? I'll get that too.

Ok, go the thegamersalliance, in my different movies, and VC stunt 3-biggest number is new stunt clips, also, I added "water gone and water gone 2" those are clips I took a while ago of when VC failed to render the water when it loaded. for the record, THIS IS NOT A MOD, OR ANYTHING THAT WAS DONE INTENTIONALLY. that said, I thought it was pretty funny, so I took a few vids of it, of course, when I restarted my comp & vc, the water loaded fine. but oh well. :P


check out VC stunt.zip

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Can anyone please write a short bit on how to do basic things with virtualdub?

I just need to know a few things:

How to put clips together

Fade in and out

Add music

Do a thing where it shows a piece, then like, rewinds, then plays again, then rewinds, then plays again, going back n forth like that. if you know what I mean

and how to add certain bits, like an intro screen.

Thanks very much guys! :D

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