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freeze camera


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You can use this, you just have to trigger the event onClientIsFreezed when the player is being freezed. :D

addEvent("onClientIsFreezed", true)
addEvent("onClientIsUnFrozen", true)

local freezed = false
local fx, fy, fz, ftx, fty, ftz

function saveXYZ()
  fx, fy, fz, ftx, fty, ftz = getCameraMatrix()
  freezed = true
addEventHandler("onClientIsFreezed", root, saveXYZ )

function unfroze()
  freezed = false
  fx, fy, fz, ftx, fty, ftz = nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil
addEventHandler("onClientIsUnFrozen", root, unfroze)

function check()
  if ( freezed == true ) then
    local nx, ny, nz, ntx, nty, ntz = getCameraMatrix()
    if ( nx ~= fx ) or ( ny ~= fy ) or ( nz ~= fz ) or ( ntx ~= ftx ) or ( nty ~= fty ) or ( ntz ~= ftz ) then
      setCameraMatrix( fx, fy, fz, ftx, fty, ftz )
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, check )


Edited by Simple01
Added unfrozen function + Fixed spelling error
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