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is this just a new thing from switching servers or what :/

everytime i exit IE it doesnt remember anething so i have to sign in constently.

alot of the times when i post a message i get some wierd error and it posts it but it wont come up as a new post, and it wont add on to my number of posts.

will this be fixed soon?

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  • MTA Team

the login problem is a cookie proble, you can prevent it by typing the www. in front of the url ;) The error u get is because this server has a problem with it's mail function. Therefore if u want to get notified of reactions on a thread it want's to send a mail, but can't.

The cookie problem should be fixed by the weekend i hope. The mail function is out of my control, but our server admin has promised to fix it as soon as posiible

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