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Open-ended Survey About Stunt Videos

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- what is more important in a stunt video, great editing or great stunts?

- what degree spins (against a vehicle) are worth putting into a PCJ stunt video?

- do you like to see PCJ stunts only, or stunts with other vehicles as well?

- do you like to see a single character skin used, or multiple skins used?

- if most of the scenes in the video were at night time, would that be a down side/annoying?

- how long should the movie be? would 7 minutes be too boring? would 3 minutes be too short?

EDIT: added another question

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yes, i think i will make one if i dont get too lazy. (btw #2 you dont have to choose one of those numbers, come up with the amount that you think is best)

and i am interested to know if it will be a bad thing if the character uses just one skin instead of multiple cool looking skins.

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-Great stunts...but both certainly doesn't hurt.

-Depends...if it's just the spin - above 4000 (the record now stands at 9000+). If the spin happens to land you somewhere unexpected (building roof, the roof of the vehicle you bumped off) - 1500.

-At least some other bikes. PCJ from start to finish is a little repetitive (unless the stunts are really good).

-If it's a collab vid, different skins obviously. If it's a solo vid, the maker should stick with one skin, for the simple fact that whoever's watching will know it's a solo vid.

-Some of the places in VC, and LC particularly, can get very dark at night. It's sometimes difficult to see the stunt if it's too dark. A lot of stunters (myself included) have opted for the 24/7 Sunshine city mod for this reason. Nothing worse than landing a good stunt and watching it back to discover it's hard to make out.

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if you seen something in 5 vids dont bother putting it in unless its really good

variety of vehicles, including angel and freeway (love my freeway stunts) dont count faggio =P

dont make the vid half a gig like some people out there =P

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well, the first question was kind of stupid i guess, since i will definately do my best on the stunts, and then try to do a good job editing.

about xerox's point regarding orginality, i am sure that i will include a lot of 'old' stunts such as spins and grinds because you cant have a PCJ video without that. but i will put a couple of irrgeular stunts in there too (with other vehicles).

about the skins, i have some footage already with him in that black track suit, should i pick a cooler skin or does it not matter? i think i will download a cool one.

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not really.. it would be cooler if you do a jump from some roof for example and hit the heli that he's flying to do a crazy spin, but it is much harder to record in MTA:VC and much less practical than in single player Vice City, so ill limit the video to single player only.

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i did airgrabs in my vid 8):P

Check sig










(wow nice arrow :P )


lol that isnt an airgrab error 8) and all check my vid its a bit old but tthat doesnt matter


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