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my first stunt vid

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this is my first stunt vid which ive used a mod in (vice city deluxe) please dont go like 8 but u used mods so its only a 6 cause ill just ignore that bit 8)

im not used to making vids or editing them so go easy on me :P and a rating out of 10 would be nice whether its 1 or 10 and if u can tell me how to improve it to :)

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynami ... st_vid.rar

The car stunts are the best :P

and yes i like smileys :wink:

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I'm guessin TGA is working for u if not see the my other post ;). Anyways dling it now so i'll edit this later


First vid, New to Stunting, I'll say, not bad on rec. angles. You got a good start, and with time you'll only get alot better stuntwise and editing. I'll see what I can do for your TGA probs, cuz you really need to see some awesome stunt vids so you'll have something in mind to compare to. Gotta go

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not a bad vid, but u could have done stunts somewhere else 2 :?:wink:

i was going to but i couldnt find anywhere to do them in and i was gonna do a credit thing andi forgot to put that in to cause i was in a rush

Did no one notice the mini cooper backflip :P? i loved that

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