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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.1 released!


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  • MTA Team

Hello. The Daylight Saving Time is past us, so we can expect a lot of darker evenings from now on. But fear not, we know a cool way to spend those evenings - by playing the newly released MTA:SA 1.5.1!

This release has an important fix for shotgun damage. In MTA:SA 1.5, shotgun damage could be less than what it should have been. This was due to the bullet sync code only registering a hit to one body part, where as the shotgun can inflict damage to more than one body part at once. This has changed in 1.5.1, so the damage is calculated properly if more than one body part is hit.

There is a catch though - the new method will only be used if both all clients and the server are upgraded to 1.5.1. If either of them is using an older version, then the old behaviour will be used.

You can ensure that all players are using 1.5.1 by setting the minclientversion setting in mtaserver.conf to be: 1.5.1

Other changes in 1.5.1 are:

  • updates and tweaks for the CEF implementation (such as file verification for local CEF files, improved error handling for missing files and improved debugging)
  • security fixes for CEF implementation by sbx320
  • introduced a new web scheme and deprecated the old mtalocal:// - courtesy of Jusonex
  • minor adjustments to compatibility with Windows 10 (such as workaround for the problem with alt-tabbing from the game)
  • removed dependency on the DirectPlay Windows component and fixed DLL path issues on some computers
  • introduced an ability to add more announce (ASE) master servers
  • added option to skip server termination during update
  • sped up client disconnect
  • fixed a major memory leak and a server shutdown crash
  • fixed moving objects being able to move frozen players - contributed by eeew2
  • added new functions for Lua scripting (such as getBrowserSource(), get/setCameraFieldOfView(), setBrowserAjaxHandler(), getBrowserVolume(), toggleBrowserDevTools() and fileGetPath() functions)
  • various other smaller changes (code cleanups, tweaks for auto-updater, team members desync, linux server basic backup and connecting to the server, removed deprecated options from the Settings window) - courtesy of ccw, Jusonex, qaisjp and sbx320
  • added a Ghost racer addon to Race gamemode - created by Awwu
  • included a bunch of other changes to the resource pack - contributed by Arrantuna, Dutchman101, JR10, Nokizorque and TAPL

A complete list of changes can be found here and here (from r7358 upwards). List of changes to the resource pack can be found here.

Want to download MTA:SA 1.5.1? Click here to go to our home page.

Once there, click the Download button at the top center of the page and you are set.

Linux server packages are also available.

Hope you enjoy this release. Also, please keep in mind that if you encounter a bug or a problem which was not present in previous versions, you can report it to our bugtracker.

--MTA Team

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