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Hell's Angels

Guest kingkdogg

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Black Angels:

Thug Angels:


If you want to join say so.

All Angels must use the dante player model found here: http://www.codenamegta3.co.uk/show_file.asp?ID=527

download it and use the img tool found here:


and rename dante.dff to player and replace player.dff with the dante model.

use any skin but you must have the long trench coat model.

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yeah, we cant stop you from creating a gang, but for it to have some clout, the leader has to have some cred. We suggest 50 posts minimum before you create a gang, although more is appreciated.

good luck anyway.

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I want to join i have never played in a clan but i like to. And i love the bikes in VC so i can be a part of hells angels. Im from sweden so i know the Hells angels. PM me if i can join. And how to change the skin.

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Yeah i would like to join aswell.. Im from canada.. Hells angels is also the biggest orginised crime gang in this country, so i know what they are. so PM me with how to join

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