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[SELL]Players can build their own house/town/base IG !


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Hello all !


This script allows server players to buy building area that they can use to make their own house/base/town or evean city !

this script is easy to use and it also use textures for walls or for other objects also !

NOTE : this script is made 100% by me

Script Features

1# You can make zones ingame without adding any line or any scripting and it can be easy done (only managers can do it)

2# Full object control (all movement + all rotations) (only managers or area owner or area editors can do it)

3# GUI for deleteing/selling/edtting/copying object (only managers or area owner or area editors can do it)

4# GUI for objects shop (also support textures) /shop to access shop

5# GUI for buying/selling/editing area /zone to access it

6# Moving doors/gates (also support rotation)

7# GUI for doors/gates management (only managers / zone owner / zone editors can access it) (also you can link it with your own group system)

8# Areas limits are drawn with blue lines so players will not let objects get out

9# /obsave that will save all your area objetcs

10# command /areacreator for managers to enter area creation mod

11# You can simply add new objects with new class or with already exsiting class

12# SQL saving so players area data will never been lost


All script screenshot can be found here : http://imgur.com/a/uwSSb


Comming soon

Special thanks

Special thanks to :

IIYAMA : helping little bit in object control

This script if for sell pm me for more info !

Thanks for reading

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