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  1. Of course there is ! Use absolute coordinates system which is the ratio bsed on 1!
  2. Aight, Server admins have changed the server name and still won't show up ? whats the matter?
  3. But their server is closed since 2015 and we used the name last year without any problem. If the server is closed normally they no longer claim the name in addition they are not re-using it!
  4. It was working fine mate like for 15 days it was fine but now its not and its the latest build (1.5.4)
  5. Hello MTA Team; My friend have server called : GTInternational►►RPG\CnR\Cops\Criminals\Civilians\Turfs\Gangs\Events\►►gti3.tk and when we type gti it wont show up on the server browser ! (it actually wont show up at all) IP: PORT : 22003 all ports are open Note : this haappened before and I reported it here and its fixed but seems the problem still not 100% fixed Regards, Darhal,
  6. i know that .. but i have ask for exports !! When i said loops consume CPU it means No for exports -.-
  7. loops consume CPU more about exports :
  8. Well i dont know if this is even the right board to post in, sorry if its the wrong one just move my topic anyways I m facin serious problems in my Linux Debian 7(wheezy) VPS which i have never face I cant connect to ftp nor PuTTy(SSH) here is the porblem in KVM : http://imgur.com/eLaLVJj here is the error that FTP shows : Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=5 Command: open "[email protected]" 22 Couldn't Connect to server PS : when i reboot in safe mode everything works fine but all files (MTA server was delted) and i dont know even what to do with dat safe mode lol
  9. Hello, I have Debian Linux server all ports are opened! server is in browser however I cant search for it using shortcuts (e.g GTI) and that's the problem is there any solution Server IP : mtasa:// Server Name : GTinternational Cops'n'Robbers/Civilians/Gang Wars | gti3.tk thanks in advance
  10. Back again after 3 months of inactivity here is the viedo Episode 16 : Exports
  11. darhal

    Using dead server name

    Oh thank you for the informations You really helped me i dont know how to thank you
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