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  1. why website is not working?
  2. still not working D:
  3. Law Enforement team is already created but still not working.
  4. hey guys! i have GTIPolice script but its have some problem that is police cant arrest wanted players..no error in debugscript 3 so anyone can try to fix it? plz meta exports.slua arrest.lua arrest.slua
  5. TheSmart


    anyone? please fast i need this ASAP
  6. TheSmart


    still getting same error
  7. TheSmart


    in GTIaccounts or GTIclothes? ----------------------------------------- GTIaccounts "JTPenn" version="1.5" name="Accounts System" type="script" description="Accounts System and Central Accounts Database" autostart="true" /> GTIclothes btw still not working
  8. TheSmart


    Yep script s running D:
  9. TheSmart


    Hello Guys! Today i downloaded GTI Gamemode but i have problem in GTIaccounts script i try to solve but i fail can anyone help me? Sorry For Bad english!! GTIaccounts/Spawn/Spawn.slua -- On Player Login ------------------->> function spawn(player) local account = getPlayerAccount(player) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end -- Position local pos = GAD(account, "position") if (not pos) then triggerClientEvent(player, "GTIaccounts.firstTimeSpawn", resourceRoot, spawnPoints) return end -- Skin ID local skin = GAD(account, "skin") if (not skin) then exports.GTIclothes:selectSkinFromStore(player) return end pos = split(pos, ",") x,y,z,rot,int,dim = tonumber(pos[1]), tonumber(pos[2]), tonumber(pos[3]), tonumber(pos[4]), tonumber(pos[5]), tonumber(pos[6]) -- Spawn Player spawnPlayer(player, x, y, z, rot, skin, int, dim) exports.GTIhud:showHud(player) showChat(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) setTimer(setElementFrozen, 1500, 1, player, false) -- Health/Armor local health = GAD(account, "health") or "0,100" health = split(health, ",") setPedArmor(player, tonumber(health[1])) setElementHealth(player, tonumber(health[2])) -- Team local team = GAD(account, "team") or DEFAULT_TEAM exports.GTIteams:assignTeam(player, team) -- Name Color local name_color = GAD(account, "name_color") if (name_color) then r,g,b = unpack( split(name_color, ",") ) r,g,b = tonumber(r), tonumber(g), tonumber(b) exports.GTIblips:setPlayerNameColor(player, r, g, b) end -- Account Creation local accCreate = GAD(account, "accountCreation") if (not accCreate) then local timestamp = getRealTime().timestamp SAD(account, "accountCreation", timestamp) end -- Last Login local timestamp = getRealTime().timestamp SAD(account, "lastLogin", timestamp) triggerEvent("onPlayerFirstTimeSpawn", player) end ERROR GTIaccounts\spawn\spawn.slua:36: call: failed to call 'GTIclothes:selectSkinFromStore' [string "?"] Please Anyone help me to solve this problem D:
  10. yar koi bhi ap ko free scripts bna ka nahi daga anyway good luck
  11. You Speak Portuguese ? Nah Urdu
  12. Hello guys! today i was going to make something but i want to add special thing on it so i decided to add bouncing in dx gui but i don't know how to use it, i try to understand InterpolateBetween but i failed can someone give me example to how to make it. i want dx bounce start from here dxDrawRectangle(147, 120, 237, 48, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) and end to here dxDrawRectangle(147, 424, 237, 48, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) Hope you understand my BAD English
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