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MTA:SA status update and recent developments


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Hi there!

Guess it is about the time for a status update on what has been going on with Multi Theft Auto lately.

Say hello to GitHub

We have decided to move our source code repositories from Google Code to GitHub. This of course is related to the recent announcement from Google about the incoming closure of Google Code service. We had already used GitHub in the past and had mixed feelings about it (as seen here and here too), but after some discussion within the Team we have decided to give it another shot.

You can find our new repositories at the following locations:

The transition was prepared by Cazomino05, ccw, ijsf and Woovie with an use of Google's migration tool for GitHub. We are still doing tweaks to our build server to reflect this migration, so there might be some problems with the Nightly builds in the following days. Cazomino05 has also prepared a nice page which shows you what was introduced in each nightly build. You can find it here: https://buildinfo.mtasa.com/

Keep in mind that we will not be updating our source codes on Google Code anymore, so be sure to use the GitHub repos listed above from now on. Naturally, feel free to fork our projects as well, although you should keep in mind our coding guidelines if you intend to have your contributions included in our code base.

New forum rules

We are also introducing new rules and regulations to our forums. They have been greatly rewritten to become more clear and straight-forward to our users.

There were several additions to rules that included answers for many recurring questions which were asked by users and guidelines for troublesome situations that happened over the years but were not explicitly regulated by the rules. Aside from that, some existing entries were changed to give a better explaination for our recommendations for various issues.

Please make sure to read the updated rules, although most of the changes should be fairly obvious and to be expected.

You can find the summary of changes here: (link)

And naturally, you can find the new forum rules here: (link)

Changes in MTA:SA

MTA:SA 1.4.1 was released nearly 2 months ago. Since then, there were a bunch of changes made to the mod.

These changes were mostly community contributions with fixes for issues within various parts of the mod, like scripting functions behaviour, UI and server tweaks. There were also fixes for crashes related with train models and the localization support - committed by sbx320 and ccw respectively.

Aside from that, Jusonex has put some extra effort on the CEF implementation into MTA, which was finally included in the main code base for the upcoming MTA:SA 1.5. CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) is a framework that allows us to include scriptable web browser components to MTA.

That should be it for now. Enjoy the spring season.

-- MTA Team

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