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[REL] GTWalrus police, wanted level and jail system


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It's time to release this long awaited pack of resources that represents GTWalrus police job, wanted level system, jail and the jail map. The history behind this is long, it starts with a complex resource named "ac_police" that quickly reached the community top lists, despite it was leaked and therefore didn't worked on other servers than our own, mainly due to it's complexity. That proved to us that this is something the community wants, so why not just write it and release it as open source, we asked ourselves. And here's the result:

Resources included:

GTWpolice: The core system, manage the police job, arrests, jail cells to deliver suspects, kill arrests etc.

GTWwanted: Manage the wanted level, violent time, tracking and crime detection.

GTWjailmap: A complete jail island outside Bayside Marina, inspired by Alcatraz

GTWjail: Manage jailing functionality both for law units and staff


All these above listed resources are needed as they are closely integreated with eachothers, to become a law enforcer you also need the GTWcivilians resource. Export calls are also made to GTWtopbar, all these resources can be found in the GTW-RPG project on github. Documentation is found on Github as well as individual requirements and other important information. Clone the git project files and copy the resources into your resource folder, then start and enjoy. Note that this is the first official open source release of all these files, if there's any issues or questions, feel free to report it on Github, on our forum or as a reply here.


  • Arrest wanted players by hitting them with your nightstick, (Team has to be "Government", "GTWcivilians" takes care of this).
  • Realistic tazer with fall down animation
  • Deliver arrested players all the way to the cell blocks inside the police departments
  • Kill arrest on violent players
  • Crime detection for almost anything you would have been wanted for in real life, from hitting a mailbox or crashing your car into a lamp post, to murder or threating by target a weapon at someone. (both players and peds).
  • Reducing wanted level depending on distance to nearest law enforcer
  • Dx tracking system of suspects at bottom right.
  • /fine to pay a fine with many regulations
  • /wanted to list wanted players and see if they are violent, arrested or jailed by color on the text.
  • A complete jail map where law enforcers can work as prison guards and escape is possible by getting away from the area. (Use GTWgates for gates restricted to law enforcers and GTWsafeareas for rocket launchers on the guard towers (may be changed in the future)).
  • Admin jail and unjail with commands and reasons (using ACL)
  • Stealth based, you can choose if you want to track with our without blips (GTWplayerblips), without the ability for law units and criminals to see each others blips it's possible to hide and perform more strategically attacks or just sneak away, cooperation is required.

Enjoy! 8)

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Alright, glad that you like it, don't forget to report any issues you may find so we can solve it. @Olle a sitemap is under construction, there might be more things to change in the organization however, so it might take a while. Next up is an implementation of police bots using slothbot that will work together with these resources. ;)

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I downloaded a clothes shop resource from the community long ago which should be there still, if not there are two backup values which can be found after the "or" statements. The law system wants to know the players casual clothes/skin before jailing him or turning him into a criminal. It's a server side function called from GTWwanted only which can be safely removed and replaced with any integer representing a skin ID.

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Hello ,

Is the script available with the driving cars and moving peds? or are it humans?

Greetings ,

You mean bots? no those are not included in this pack of resources, this is just a couple of systems to manage police job, players wanted level, jail (including a map) and related stuff. You may have mixed up Grand Theft Walrus with GTW-RPG, they are related but not the same.

All bots in Grand Theft Walrus, except for the trains and those who doesn't move are handled by a great resource named "npc_hlc", by CrystalMV. More info about that can be found here: http://crystalmv.net84.net/pages/scripts.php.

Bots are off topic in this discussion though, if you wish to continue talking about bots you my do so in the GTW forum instead.

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