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Hi there,

As it was my birthday yesterday ( 12/03/2015 ) I thought I would do something that would put my mind further and help me think bigger. So I decided to grab a resource from the community and edit it and give it a new look, and develop the system further.

So I chose @seb:> great basic VIP Resource, and I developed on it for a good 1 Day and a half. So the outcome wasn't what I expected and you might find better resources on the MTA Community,

But personally myself, I think I achieved something great!

I also fixed up a few GUI's of the resource and removed 2 bugs which I found, so far this is my first release of this resource. I might develop it more and release a newer version with more features. Below you can see what I have done!

Resource LIVE @ https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p ... s&id=11145

 -- [b]Resource Information & Commands[/b] -- 
Firstly, credits go to [b]seb:>[/b] for making this resource public for the community as it's a really nice pleasure to see such hard work put into the community to help others! 
[b]/addvip accountName hours[/b] - You need to be an admin/have banPermission to access this command. 
[b]/removevip accountName[/b] - You need to be admin/have banPermission to access this command. 
[b]/viponline[/b] - I edited this GUI and changed and changed command, you will be able to see visible VIP's and how long they have left, again requires admin/banPermission to access the command. 
[b]/vip[/b] - Main command I made from complete scratch, and to access this you need to be a VIP, and a nice GUI will appear and you will have access to many features. 
[b]/viptime[/b] - This allows you to check how long you have until your VIP expires. 


/vip - This is the main GUI I created and worked on for a while to get things working!


/viponline - This is the GUI I edited and made a few changes to!


VIP Skins


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