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Hi guis, i use this useful function sendMailTo for sending an mail from server to someone but is didn't work

Thi is my code :

function sendMailTo(playerMail, serverMail, headertext, text)  
    callRemote("http://apocalipz.net/recover_php/mail.php", mailsended, playerMail, headertext, text) 
function mailsended() 
    outputDebugString("E-Mail was succesfully sended.") 
function MailText ( player, cmd, playerMail, serverMail, headertext, ... ) 
    if playerMail then 
        if headertext then 
            local text = table.concat({...}," ") 
            if text then 
                sendMailTo(playerMail, serverMail, headertext, text) 
addCommandHandler("send", MailText) 

No error given in /debigscript 3

and this is the php:

    include ( "mta_sdk.php" ); 
    $input = mta::getInput(); 
    mail($input[0], $input[2], $input[3], "From: ".$input[1]."\n" . "Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n");  

I am not so good at php so....

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It could be the webserver. Some common issues would be:

- THe server doesn't support have a mail server

- The mail server is registered temporarily registered as spam due to a lot of emails being sent

I am not sure, but i think i didn't have an mail server, wath is that and how can i make one ?

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