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GGM Downagain....official release?

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Well guys...it appears that the GGM website.... http://www.guardians.ch/ggm is down once again, not sure if the server is beeing refreshed, or if possibly the new version (0.2) is beeing uploaded....only time will tell, unless someone knows something, or has talked to anyone from the GGM community. No worries, MTA0.3b is coming really close to release.....stated even by trx.... 8)

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yeah - close, as in "released sometime this year" close.

I doubt uploading v2 of ggm would take it down this long (been down for about past 3 hours).

Id say the guardians clan server is down, nothing more.

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Ya the only real reason that i was worried was because i'm sort of excited for the GGM release because it was the only version that supported walking, so i'm anxious to see how much furthur it's gone, but after seeing all the new details of MTA0.3b....i know where my home is.... 8)


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