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I'm trying to avoid concatenating a string to send it as a query for MySQL, So I have this code:

local result = dbPoll(dbQuery(dbHandler, "SELECT ? FROM `stats` WHERE `account`=?", column, accName), -1) 

It says:

- table

- 0

I can't access the value returned..

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Well, I don't know if it cause anything but it is good to try:

"SELECT `?` FROM `stats` WHERE `account`=`?`" 

Also make sure that 'column' gives correct value and there is such a column in database. Check if DB connection works fine, too.

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Change query to

SELECT ? FROM stats WHERE account=?

I think it can work.

Or if not work

SELECT ? FROM stats WHERE account='?'

And this is what i am using

local result = dbPoll(dbQuery(dbHandler, "SELECT '"..column.."' FROM stats WHERE account='"..accName.."'"), -1)

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local result = dbPoll(dbQuery(dbHandler, "SELECT '"..column.."' FROM stats WHERE account='"..accName.."'"), -1)

That's what I'm trying to avoid.. (Concatenating a string)

result[1].account -- 1 is the column, if there's many column you can just put number of it 
--account is the row name 

I'm sure that this works 100%

It won't work since the table returned is empty

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