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No tanks for lawenforcement

Guest Wullabulla

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I would assume that it would be physically possible to code it so you could turn off the army's tank system (or flatbeds or whatever,) but I doubt they'll give the option as it's way too selective.

And I don't remember ever reading the exclusion of law enforcement in 0.3a.

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Im not talking about multiplayer. I just want them disabled in singleplayer.

I have tried to alter the "handling" file, so they got the same specs as the military trucks, but it doesnt help. My car still explodes when i hit a tank.

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hope you backed up handling.cfg.

only way to remove tanks would be to cheat and type in a remove wanted stars cheat or use a trainer to remove wanted stars.

The trainer also has a no law enforcement option. but i don't think that works.

Trainer is lithjoe's v3.5 DO NOT think of using in MP people =)

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The no law enforcement used to just freeze your wanted level. It worked when it was at version 3.0, worked fine, so did fall through water (we had the 1.1 patch already) but when the trainer was 3.5, the fall through water and no cops things both didnt work.

Also, the no cops can be used to freeze your stars at 6, if you like to run that is.

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