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Player Stats for MTA


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By regulary I didn't mean it like every day/week or so, but every 3 months a quick update would be nice.

And it's quite nice to see if MTA is still growing or not hence why it would be nice to know the changes.


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Alright @sushiroll101, i just updated it.

Yes, it's even growing - you can compare the new stats in main post with the old stats here


Btw, during the past few days, at several moments in the evening there were 37,000 players online at the same time. Usually that's ~ 30,000 (without corona lockdowns ?)


Date: 2020 Oct 29th 6:00 pm - Players: 37879

Date: 2020 Oct 28th 5:30 pm - Players: 37654

Date: 2020 Oct 27th 6:00 pm - Players: 37417

Note that the above examples are CEST timezone, so the evenings in Europe (the most busy moment on a daily basis)

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