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Hey! I'm New Here :)

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I enjoyed the fact that MTA lets you do missions with your friends, because the game just thinks its single player, but with sending data over a network(right?). I REALLY hope that MTA 0.3 and later versions won't take away the feature of having EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE SAME as single player, but just with some multiplayer syncing. I'm not saying to sync every car in the game, but at least whats on a players screen(I think the team is doing that already)...so far...so good...at least it looks pretty good...I just REALLY don't want this game to just be like a multiplayer MODE, I wan't it to just be like GTA 3...keep repeating myself aren't I? :)

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Mta is trying to push the game-modes, and you should still be able to walk around liberty city as per normal if you wish (not doing missions, but just messing around etc)

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