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Look, I am begining to get really pissed of with the responses you have left to these peoples problems. NOW if you had answered them correctly or even gave a shit i probably would not be posting this now...... I have the same problem as most others............I enter a server ip from irc quakenet users in gta3 mta chat......NONE OF THEM WORK. It says joining but never does. I have read your readme file, and your little anouncement at the beginning of the forum, and damn near every post in this freakin forum. NONE OF IT HAS HELPED!!!!!!!! SO if you would please tell me how to get this to work i would be much happier. :x

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i also should point out that u have a pretty big mouth for someone wha makes his first post. I also know that this problem has been posted before and that answers have been givin. Next time u yell (use caps) ur account will be deleted.

If it still doesn't work wait for 0.3b. It should be released soon

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I just dont understand why so many people can ask the same question over and over again and not get a decent response.........obviously the answer you gave the first time did little to no good

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasy turbo, take a chill pill dawg........lol

you should consider workin on your communication skills...........Will it be fixed on the next version

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Posted: Mon May 05, 2003 1:34 am Post subject:


I have WinXP, .2 works fine.


Smacktard Advanced Server Version 7.0 now for Windows CE/ME/NT

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ok ok - stop flaming people, the mod does work in xp, just get all the updates and files required first, and read the forum and faq before posting

people are on a knife-edge as it is, another post like this may lead the forums to be locked for another 24 hours etc


:arrow: Thread Closed

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