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help me chose perfect hosting and cheap price

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I can't pay via Paypal , Paygal as well as some other kind of methods too . I am currently trying to find a host that accept Credit Card Method In their website through which I can add ( Debit Card , Master Card ) Number in it .i am from pakistan. As you know that Pakistan do not have Paypal card. Please Kindly tell me the site or way through which can accept credit card. Thnkx

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As far as I know, VortexServers were working on that feature. They told me some months ago. I don't know if they already have it.

On the other hand, I know that Sane Hosting accepts payments via SMS. And I know that Pakistan is available to pay through this method. But one thing is true, it doesn't really worth it to pay via SMS because you will end up paying more than the server's cost to the company which proccesses the SMS payment. (Ex: Paygol).

I also know delux-host, I think they have the card's payment option. But it's a little bit more expensive.

Just take a look at the Hosters (http://www.multitheftauto.com/hosters/) by yourself. You can also contact them on their website and ask them what you want.

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I recommend intronet servers .. l never use their hosting but as far as l can remember , They were ediservers.net . Unfortunately edi servers got closed but Subhankar started intronet servers . They seems very good . I hope your server will not lag or will intrupt you . I think that intronet servers accept 2checkout method . As l m also from pakistan so l will tell you in your language via skype . Select your payment method offline 2checkout and add your details then simply add your credit card number with cvv and exp. date . I hope lt will work because lf your have a credit card so lt should work on it .

NOTE : Make sure you have a credit card from bank It shouldn't be a debit card . Credit ,cards are also called debit cards but l m talking about the debit cards of pakistan . They can't be used on internet . If you have a credit card do l hope lt will work and you should buy from intronet server's ....

Good Luck .

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