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  1. Bohat acha yr inshallah ya kam jaldi ho jai
  2. Great job how about u add Rob system?
  3. Thank u so much but I have question agar player lv L's sf ma kill karra ga toh isa punish hoge kia? If yes so Ma chatta ho ka agar player L's ma kill karra tu pher punish ho.
  4. Hello guys Mujha patta ha ka mujha koi free ma script nahi da game liken pher be puchta ho mujha deathmatch ki script da ga matlab agar DM ki bahir kill karra ga toh isa punish hoge Saur ki jase. Please agar koi dada ga.
  5. Are u sure u selling per slots in 0.2? If yes answer me fast
  6. Add game Facebook or Google or more apps Great work keep it up!
  7. Well Google translator is better !
  8. yr mobile par galti as double click ho gaye!
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