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  1. WOW ... Good to see that Pakistani Urdu board chal gya ..
  2. 1)Your In game name: Arsam 2)MTA name: Arsam 3)MTA forums profile link. Not needed ( Btw I am Str4 ) My forums name!
  3. I wanted to know that which hosting company support 2 checkout method ?? Please If you know any one so tell me . ( Anyone ) .
  4. I recommend intronet servers .. l never use their hosting but as far as l can remember , They were ediservers.net . Unfortunately edi servers got closed but Subhankar started intronet servers . They seems very good . I hope your server will not lag or will intrupt you . I think that intronet servers accept 2checkout method . As l m also from pakistan so l will tell you in your language via skype . Select your payment method offline 2checkout and add your details then simply add your credit card number with cvv and exp. date . I hope lt will work because lf your have a credit card so lt should work on it . NOTE : Make sure you have a credit card from bank It shouldn't be a debit card . Credit ,cards are also called debit cards but l m talking about the debit cards of pakistan . They can't be used on internet . If you have a credit card do l hope lt will work and you should buy from intronet server's .... Good Luck .
  5. Str4

    [Help] Need an Help

    Sure , I'm currently out of city . I'll come back after 15-17 days and will send you. Thankx
  6. Str4

    [Help] Need an Help

    Hello MTA:SA community , I want to ask that Is there any section where we can report MTA:SA cheaters ?? Some peoples always cheat and I am tired of those people now . Will MTA:SA ban those guys ?? If we report them with proofs ??
  7. So why your skype status was , " Hey Guys , I am selling scripts If you want So Contact Me ??? " Even that you are not a scripter and you never made any script yourself . You can only steal the scripts from other's PC via team viewer , This topic was discussed a long time ago on 'FFS' forum when you steal the scripts and start selling , Now you want this gamemode to sell , Also you have got a compiled version which you are selling and you get TC gamemode from FFS Forum. Here is the Proof : http://vvcap.net/db/infny7w93sxFzJuf61bX.htp Bonsai , Stop selling your multi gamemode . That's a good advice . If you sell to anyone So He will start selling to other's . Like This Shit Guy Mojiz just got a compiled version and He start selling it .
  8. I mean that you shouldn't sell those scripts which you have bought or isn't created by you until the owner give's you the permission to sell it to other's and I think Owner's would never provide this authority to any guy to whom They sell their scripts.
  9. OoO , Please don't lie . Your skype status is also " Hey Guys , I am selling MTA Scripts If you want So Contact me " . And you are selling leaked scripts to people which aren't made by you . You are not allowed to sell any script which you've bought or which isn't created by you .
  10. Mr. Mojiz Ali , For your kind information , This topic is 3 months old and that guy ( Deepu ) Don't even know how to scripts . I've talked with me , He's from India and He wants a scripter for himself to create scripts for his RPG server .
  11. Yea , You are right . Mojiz have this but real reason of mojiz to get this is only for selling to others .
  12. How Can I change this language into text ??? Anyone can help me please ?? I've already tried to use google translator but I don't got any kind of help from there . Thankx Where did you get that, it's the scripting section here, I hope it's all about scripting ... By the way, it looks like a advertisement in chinese to buy wine or something. LOOOOOL , Dude It's a script . This language is present in script and I didn't understand this language so I want to convert it into text and I don't know how to do that . That's I need help . Anyone here can help me ???
  13. Please can anyone tell me that how can i change this language into text language ??? How Can I change this language into text ??? Anyone can help me please ?? I've already tried to use google translator but I don't got any kind of help from there . Thankx
  14. ahhahaha ok As you think . Good Luck But I know that what his plan to do as I know him from the start almost since 2011
  15. Dude , You haven't understand my point . Read my post carefully what I've written there , whats the main point there.
  16. So basically you want a guy who has nice scripts So that you can get his scripts and after 1 month when the host will expire , you will start your own server with new host and adding the scripts of that person .
  17. Dude , I don't remember that I set that status as I am from Pakistan and can't pay for server's . You are also from Pakistan can you tell me the method of paying ??? And Basically you wanted to steal the scripts of that person who wanted host as you mentioned in your post .
  18. I am providing host on my skype ._____. '' , Are you kidding ??
  19. I am interested, I've many unique scripts and I am 101% sure that you'll like them all .
  20. Can you give us some trial server to people ?? So that they can check the service and can give a feedback . I've asked from you 3 times but All the time you ignored me .
  21. I can help you and can tell you all details about some hosting companies . Add my in skype : str4nge66 or FB : https://www.facebook.com/arsam.arsam.758
  22. Yea , All servers from Ediserver.net got closed . I hope this will open soon .
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