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radio problem ??

Guest malcomXxX

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when i have instal gta vc i dont have put radio do u tink is this the problem when i enter the game and i try too choose my player my game freezz if is this do u know where i cant donwload the radio files ??

thx.... :!:

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when you install vc it asks you if you wish to install the radio stations on your harddrive, if you choose yes then you have to use the cd to get radio

so your problem might be that youre using a no cd crack but dont have the radio files on your hd so it cant load and crashes, actually i thought it wouldnt crash because of that :roll:

and no, you cant downlaod the radio stations anywhere (ok maybe you could but dont ask here)

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u know where i can download the radio files because my cd is no more

and when i have instal i dont have put the radio so now i need radio but where i can find ?? plzz tell me if u know !!!

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