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Dmagic's Wheel Mod (Not cheating/nor supporting)

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For all who don't know dmagics wheel mod is a mod that allows cars to have custom rims (Modded cars not originals) It only comes into effect if u have a new modded car ingame. This does not affect anything if your game is new with it installed. All it does is place 1 extra line in the default.ide and .dat .

Now my question is can we play a fully original game with it installed cause it in no-way affects a game unless u have other car mods. Or can this somehow be fixed

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Am i the only one that understands what ice flare means? I think so, anyways ice flare i dont think you can , it might not modify anythign but it does sit somewhere in the gta files doesnt it? so the file might be a diff size, but you know what why dont u just try it out? I would advice having a full clean install tought.

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yes, it's a thin line, so there can be no grey area. your dancing with the devil icy, just say no to mods!

It only applys to single player. It would do nothing with mta so i say

Single Player - Mod

MTA- Not a mod

Cause u cant use custom cars in mta and dmagics wheel mod only applys to custom cars which can be used for single player. So in mta an extra line in the defualt.ide would be idling there not doing nothing.

Anyways i need an auto install dmagic's. I cant be stuffed manual installing. Manual requires lotsa work but auto is easier. Can someone post a link to an auto install Dmagic wheel mod.

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