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An Idea for Boats in MTA


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this might sound stupid..

The reason Y u dont add boats in mta is cuz they explode when they hit water.

U can make the water normal and make the bottom of the sea explosive ?

Ex. A car falls to the sea and it sinks to the bottom. A boat doesnt touch the bottom. So if a car falls to the sea, it will defenatly fall to the bottom. Then u can use boats in MTA :)

I hope u get what i mean

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right now, cars float in water too, but i see what your getting at. i think boats should be made invincible, and an idle timer just for boats would keep them available for use.

making boats invincible would make it open for some kickass high seas adventures

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What's the problem with boats anyway?

I mean, it has been sugged many times earlier (mostly by forum noobs :) ) and told to be impossible (at least now) because of the TNT-water MTA has. But what is the technical fact that makes them blow in water?

Is it only water exploding all vechiles (which could be fixed by marking the boats as another class or something) or what?

What's the major prob anyway?

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