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  1. KAD_

    Invalid exe

    Please help.. When i try to 'start game' it says, Invalid Executable. Please ensure you have the correct executable installed how can i fix this?
  2. But what happens to me is not a lag..
  3. lag.. ? is that what u call it ?
  4. KAD_


    Becuase so far they locked 98% of my threads
  5. Oh shit! I 4got that!!! I was thinking of the cool cars and stuff..
  6. KAD_


    why do u keep locking my threads ??
  7. KAD_


    Can u MTA guys add your own animations into the game ? for example, There isnt a animation for taking a pic using the camera in GTA. It only zooms and takes the pic. U cant see tommy holding it into the eye. If u can put animations, then u should add that! Then u can gather the players that play with u and take a photo of them in a nice place! Since U cant save the pic u take with the camera, U can just pretend that u'r taking and press F12 while zooming! it would be cool! (Please dont lock this post because its not about a camera! its just an example)
  8. why does MTA di a CRC check ?? without that u can use modified cars and stuff in MTA!
  9. It would be cool if U put Tommy Vercetti into MTA... Cuz hes skin changes when u have selected a different skin. because there arent many characters to select, Tommy will be a bit better..
  10. I played with 2 more players and I see them as the cop, robber or gonzales. ID0 - Always a Cop to other players(Even when u select something else) ID1 - Always Robber to other players(Even when u select something else) ID2 - Always Gonzales to other players (Even when u select something else) And the host is ALWAYS soo fast than the other 2.But hes weaker than them. The middle 1 is faster than the last, stronger than the host but weaker than the last 1. The last 1 is slow with others but stronger than them. U have any ideas ?
  11. 1. If u run MTA Without the admin pannel, does it mean that MTA wont have full options ? 2. Is there a strength for different users who join MTA ? (i mean, is player 1 more faster than player 2,3 etc ? player 2 is more stronger than player 1,3 etc ?)
  12. this might sound stupid.. The reason Y u dont add boats in mta is cuz they explode when they hit water. U can make the water normal and make the bottom of the sea explosive ? Ex. A car falls to the sea and it sinks to the bottom. A boat doesnt touch the bottom. So if a car falls to the sea, it will defenatly fall to the bottom. Then u can use boats in MTA I hope u get what i mean
  13. KAD_

    More ppl

    MTA4 is useless without new characters
  14. KAD_

    More ppl

    I see Gonzales, Cop and Robber... its a bugg... The current people in MTA aren't enough! U should add more
  15. KAD_

    More ppl

    NO! Its not enough!! specially when u see only 3 charaters!!
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