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Stayaway game Mode


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I was Playing Midtown Madness 3 on Xbox Live and i really liked the Stayaway game mode . It is just like tag but with cars . And this really made me think of VC , Cause VC is more of racing and breaking the car and stuff . And it would be really nice if there was like 2 teams . The the "it" team would have to run and touch the other team and the person the "IT" team touched now is a "IT" and he has to go and touch other people . It would be really cool to race and try to touch other cars (the fastest ones would win of course) but the person with the slowest car can make traps and make the faster car hit into them .

The game mode in Midtown Madness is really nice and popular . I know the game mode was created by them . But it would be really nice if the MTA team would to a simular one . Also i know lag will be a big issue in this game mode . But this could be a idea for future releases of MTA we're the game is less laggy .

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