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Gang Warfare

Guest CrispinX

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How much control do you, the developers, have over GTA3? Can you change ANYTHING to your liking?

My idea is as follows:

After a stable version has been released, we create X amount of set gangs. In order for this to work properly, there would have to be a central server that people would play on. Upon logging into this server, car models/skins/wheel sets/player skins/images/maps/whatever is downloaded to your hard drive if you don't already have it. This allows personalization among gangs. Now there can be gang cars. I'll use a certain example throughout this. Let's say I were to start a gang called the Jigga Fugs. My gang car is a green banshee with some decal along the sides, called the Jigga Banshee. That's a car model and an addition to configuration files (that MTA would automagically add). In some server database, you could store all the aspects of each gang (territory, leader, etc.). Let's say that the Jigga Fugs' turf was Torrington on Staunton Island. The database would know that so instead of Yakuza Stingers patrolling the area, Jigga Banshees would.

Since killing is a thing that can be done to anyone at any cost, we may have to have "events" that are a death-means-death situation. Any event that is considered important to a gang's future could be one of those types. Gang leaders can be assassainated, and this is a big deal. In these events, if a person dies, they are DEAD. Either their character info is wiped, or saved for records. That person now has to start over again as a new life. This is how gangs take over each other's territory and assets.

Assets, that's another issue. I mentioned earlier that maps can be downloaded on startup. We would need a team of map editors to create new land for the uprising clans. Not only level editors, but possibly scripters. We could extend islands, or even make more.

Now, here's a question. How compatible will MTA be with GTA: Vice City once that's released on PC? This whole concept would work TONS better with Vice City's engine because it supports building interiors and more complex vehicle usage (as well as diving out of them. :P).

This is obviously not all of what could be done, but just a short overview. Gangs and clans have been suggested before, but I figured that I would go in detail to explain how it could work instead of just "gangz r kewl".

Email me at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.

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creating player skins is easy, but as for vehicles, that might make any d/l bigger. also, the handling etc would have to remain the same... as it might conflict etc etc etc.

As for deaths, being killed probably wouldnt mean much to a game. No experience can be gained, possibly weapons, but they can be attained.

as for extra gangs, making gta3 into an mmorpg would be impossible considering we cant edit the gta3 exe file, and doing that would be like a whole extra project, and probably not one for the mta team (yes rockstar.... you guys =)

As for vice compatiblity, we have to wait for the pc release, and the chance of the 2 being comptabile (in relation to the mod) is slim, but we have hope.

As for map size, i think the map can only be 'so big'. It probably has limits, and creating a whole new map (a good one) is like a full on mod project.

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Your idea seems really good to me

-but why make computer-controlled gang members? I suppose with gangs big enough it would be possible to create a totally new multiplayer experience, something in between of counter-strike and battlefield 1942...

That would be great if one could travel in a car without controlling it, too :)

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