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Ya so I'm new, is liberty city and vice city compatable ?

Guest Dick Bohn

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Godfathers of code.. could it be possable to somehow create some kind of allied server type deal where say you could make a road out of town to another server

with an automatic dissconect and reconect link so if like 4 gang members from liberty hopped in a van and took the road to vice city while the conection is being made have a sene of the viechle driving down a road untill the slowest conection is made. that way you you could make hits on other larger gangs and make alliances with smaller gangs and take territory from others by planting flags (gang colors invisable to cops) at Hideouts/hangouts marking it as that gangs territory and say if you get killed with an alliance or hideout you respawn at the nearest hospital if not you'd get dissconected and reconected to the server where you started from making renforcements farther away the gangs could vote who the godfather of their gang is and there could be diffrent roles such as hit-man

enforcer foot soldier and body gaurd alliances could be made and broke by a designated enforcer say a guy with a bulls-eye on his back so this guy would have to be protected if this guy was killed by a rivail gang the alliance would be broken making the gangs weaker and or the loss of territory something like this would add a huge level of paranoia to the game. and as far as peds go since the mafia is always tring to win the hearts of the public there could be a set limit of ped. kills before they turn on that player and try to kill him or a (time=out)sent to a screen where the Godfather yells at him along the lines of an angry public is more likely to co-opperate with the cops making one of the gangs flags visable to the cops so they can shut that part of the opperation down

B.I.G. Dick Bohn

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yes, there is a team working on gta wo that connects the two citites together and it will be powered by gtat for multiplayer

whats gtat????

gtat is a multiplayer that noone plays currently they have a new release planned. They claim one day to have a bunch of cool features but no idea when it will be out

mta is the only currently playable gta multiplayer mod

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I visited the GTAT site to see why everyone was flaming it. I now understand.

Here are some of the suggestions on the forum:

  • Cars with gun turrets , controlled by other player.
    2 players linked with chain as penalty
    Diving equipment
    Submarines(are under construction)
    Hungry crazy beast that randomly attacks players
    Shark pool with immediatly attacking sharks
    Edit the Dodo to an B-52 bomber or F16

The list goes on.

What GTAT and its users don't seem to understand is that MTA is paying homage to GTA 3, and any drastic gameplay changes as listed above are an insult to the GTA name and those who play it.

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/me chases after KungFuGrip with a stick covered in poo for stealing the nerd bomb pic :twisted:

well jon might have gotten a hold of a bad link

http://www.gtat.org is correct but the difference it that MTA works and they don't promise anything they can't deliver. He might get that working but as long as I have been here it's been all talk.


I jacked it cause it's funny whey you click on my profile. it's friggin huge. Im gonna get rid of it soon.

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