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in one post you yell about how funny it is when someone does it (your post about mikes server) and now your proclaiming you hate it. you do it yourself as you have so avidly said before. so what the fuck do you think gives your ass the right to complain. please enlighten me

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yeah, and this isnt slothman either, the slothman that deathb was able to kill in the server the other day was an imposter!

in the future: every time "slothman" gets pwned, its not really me, its umm..........my evil twin?, yeah, thats the ticket....my evil twin who sucks at mta. now if you don't mind, im going to make out with brittany spears, as long as she keeps her mouth shut.

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WTF who ever this mr.hat, is is a complete and uter lier He wouldent know if I was online or not If he standing right beside me. STUID DUMB ASS. God Mr.Hat I don't know who you think you are But just STFU about me. :angry8::angry1::angry2::angry3::angry7:

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This is an excellent example why I simply dont' post on these forums anymore and why I rarely even come to view them.

Also why MTA:VC is something I barely play now. (I'm hoping the new GTA3:MTA will bring the game back to life for me)

I just can't stand the pathetic immaturity of these people. Its just too pathetic and annoying. I can't tolerate it anymore.


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