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race or cops or gladiator ?

Guest thesnake

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you can also do races in gtamta !!!

you can aslo do a "cop" game mode when there is two team: the cops and the bad guys.

the bad guys 've to survive and the cops 've to stop them !

a "gladiator" mod when there is one player to kill and the gladiator 've to kill players to win points

when a player kills the gladiator, the player becomes the gladiator and can win points now !

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They could make it so that each game mode is at (or starts) at a certain location, for example:

- To play Liberty City Survivor, gather players and head over to the stadium. Once enough players gather on the pink marker, you enter the stadium, the door closes and the game begins.

- To play Drag Race, gather players and head to the strip in either Portland's China Town, Shoreside Vale's Airport, etc. The host would set the number of racers required to begin a race (before he hosts the game,) and once each player is set on their designated pink marker in their car, a countdown begins and players must snag the markers like a regular race.

- To play Deathmatch, gather players and head to the pink marker in Portland's Punk Noodle to begin the game. Players may walk on that marker at anytime to jump in the Deathmatch game.

Of course, you'd be able to exit each game at any time by either losing your life in Drag Race, stepping on the pink marker by Punk Noodle in Deathmatch or stepping on the pink marker by the exit of the Stadium in LCS.

How does that sound?

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Im guessin that idea would be pretty hard to program.

Still no reason it couldnt work, just hard to program.

Personally if someone set up a map solely for DM and another for CTC/W it would make things easier =)

and then people couldnt accidentally inferfere with each other's games.

People in a race running over someone in a DM game =)

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lol that'd be fun...

"and now, our final event, group A has to stay alive while group B has to racearound their area hitting everything they can, and group C will be in charge of making sure everyone gets hit using what ever means nessesary, ladies and genltemen, START YOUR WEAPONSE!"

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