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MTA Launching Problem. 2nd time




This happens 2nd time to me,Once I had to reinstall MTA but I would like to ask for help this time,


When I open the MTA I get the next messages;


Once i terminated it,I get the next message;


Even when I reset all my settings to default still won't run.

And the MTA won't run

I also determinated the MTA/SA From Task manager but still.

Any help ?

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  • MTA Team

That has nothing to do with the issue, trust me.

Indeed, but I wonder what could it be.

Well, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the latest versions of Multi Theft Auto, and probably something to do with the launcher application, because this didn't happen before, this started happening with the latest versions so, if a developer is reading this, check out the latest source changes to the launcher application and try to fix something over there. It is simply doing this, nothing else.

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