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  1. Je hebt te veel MTA gespeeld als je /bugfix doet als je vast zit met je arm...
  2. Bertus

    Server list spam

    Fake server IP is: mtasa://
  3. Misschien is het handig voor mensen die willen reageren dat ze weten wat voor server het is/word.
  4. Did you move your GTA San Andreas map?
  5. Bertus


    I got the same, must be down..
  6. It doesnt matter what you do, can ban them but will only be for a short time. There are so many ways to just go arround it. If someone really wants it and has the knowledge to do it, he would do it. I mean you can get the hostname but even that can be passed. Just hang your iPhone to you laptop/desktop make it a wifi point and you have your telecom provider as a host.
  7. type="map" version="1.0.0" /> "mapname1.map" dimension="0" /> "mapname2.map" dimension="0" /> Just add another line to the meta.xml with the map name so it can load.
  8. Lol you can't just change your IP adress. And probably you are serial banned so changing your IP doesnt make any difference. Just let it go and search for another server. Or you can try to contact the server owners, high admins if they have a forum or something and try to get a unban using your "my brother did it" excuse.
  9. Bertus

    my server

    Sometimes you also need to restart your router before the ports actually open
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