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Hello! i'm here to present my script called "Killcam" it's inspired by Sniper Elite V2 :)

The script is very simple, when you make a lethal shot with a sniper rifle it shows with slow motion the path of the bullet.

The resource is compiled, maybe i will upload an open source version in the future but first i want it to be known because if no one knows it someone could steal it.


1- Get a sniper rifle.

2- Aim to someone's chest, head or testicles.

3- Shoot!




--Second Release:


-Added Moving Kill, Moving Headshot and Moving Testicle shot (when you shoot to someone that is walking or running)

-Fixed bullet direction (sometimes the bullet was pointing to any place but not the target player)

-Added country rifle

-Fixed bug when two player shooted at the same time. (it used to count the kill only for who shooted second, now it counts both)




enjoy! :D

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the bullet is a dx line 3D but it's not visible in the video due to the bad quality

EDIT: (this has nothing to do with the bullet but i put it here to avoid double post)

maybe i will make ithe killcam happen when you shoot with the country rifle too, what do yo think? :D

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On 16/01/2017 at 21:04, Dutchman101 said:

In this case the bump is actually acceptable, because your usage of this script depends on it. But if the creator will notice/still have the uncompiled is a bet.

That's true.
I didn't find an uncompiled version of this...

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