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Challenge Thread

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Ok i found a challenge no SMers have done


What u can use if the Firetruck or Enforcer(Swat truck) to jump from the building on the right to the one on the left.

If u can make a small vid showing u did it or take some pics

I hope someone can do it, i'll be really surprised

EDIT: U can use the packer if it'll help u, but i doubt it will

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Damn i tryed for like 30 minutes last night getting that packer to the top... I swear its impossible. If you back it up the ramps you can get it soooo close its sad but not quite there. Anyway i will be impressed at whoever gets it first. I am going to start trying again tonight probably. Best of luck.

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Ok here it comes

Land here with your bike, nascar or any fast anough car in order to make this stunt.


Jump from here with help of 2 packers stacked together. Little closer to water than in this pic.


And take speed from there.


You can do it from different angle but i prefer it this way.

I'm not going to post a pic yet if i made it or not.

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Here's a challenge:

Use a packer and jump a car or bike off it to the rock formation off shore near the marina... I imagine it will take a lot of time to tweak the speed at which you hit the jump, the placement of the packer, etc. I think it would be cool to see.

Lol you read my mind. Tried this stunt with Gamefreek on day but it was from different angle.

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here, i got a gr8 challenge. i wanna see sumbody do this. this definately isnt a wussy stunt!

If you start out from the apartment building on the left island (north side) and go down the alleyway and into the street, and keep going str8, ull find this jump. ive got a few screenies to demonstr8


This is the place, jump from the place that im looking at


start from right here and head towards the jump



try to either flip or corkscrew off of the jump


get over the pole!


land here


thank its easy? try it!

heres a clip of me trying it with really weird results!:

good luck!


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