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  1. guys, it's definitely going to set in Turkmenistan! or Sweden pull up in a Viking boat and pillage some neighbors!
  2. Evil omg! that is the funniest shiat ever! reminds me of Postal 2.
  3. i usually don't reply to many vidz but, man this was worth d/ling and seeing! first of all, longest length video i've seen yet some of my favorite jumps were in there editing was very unique and looks like it took a lot of effort/time now the critical: u could have messed around more with fps some of the stunts would have looked good at a faster pace some of the regular stunts that everyone does are sprinkled in there too maybe could have a little bit more MTA action with some nice setups Stunts: 8.5 Music: 8 Editing:10 you are definitely up there with Thargore, Jeve, and Chaoswolf in quality (IMHO) thanks for the entertainment and i can't wait to see what u can do next
  4. this ledge jump is a fun one!!.....i've done it a few times in the last week you can also clear the ledge with the bike as well
  5. thanks DJ GTA was short and funny didn't know you were gonna make it that fast afterwards! and music goes along with the mood well
  6. let us know the country if you could plz thx
  7. aaahhhh! something about bikes and women together makes me smile. nice first vid
  8. though i'm still gettin' slow downloads on my end and i use dsl gettin about 18 kbs ...... i'm definitely keeping vicefromhell in my collection! the blue texturing and the hyper speed were cool!
  9. nice vid! very nice i think the slo-mo is kinda cool ...lets you see the stunt all at once in detail and nice stunts as well! editing is very good too
  10. just like real life! that was great screenshot! lmfao!
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