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First Movie

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I would make it more visible But if it becomes more Mb's My friend wont keep it on his site, so yeah :D thanks for the input. Its so short and theres the out-takes and stuff because i just wanted to make a short film to see what i could do. And well, i cant do much, but its off to try again!!

(Note: I made did most of the stunts Last night/this morning AKA 2AM and finished the movie by about 10 AM because i went to sleep :D Sleep's good.)

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An Upgraded Version? Like 50 Megs or so? Cause the Seeing-Ness is pretty crappy on the 4mb one :D but yeah, thats awesome :P

K Im Uploading a 42 Meg one to thegamersalliance.com the film quality is SO MUCH BETTER

Note: if you guys have an idea for a better song just tell me ;P

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sh!t ..

am i watching a different movie from of u??

in response to curly:

stunts 8/10

music 1/10

visibility 1.5/10

ok ... visibility is BAD .. but did he not apologise for that?

music ... terrible .. really bad .. sorry Smacktard

but the stunts are great ... !

love them ... pretty original and VERY entertaining !

Rate this against other people's First Vids and I reckon it deserves 9/10

well done



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lol, Thanks for the ratings Everyone :D And yeah, the music doesnt really go with it, it was just something i had laying around and i was so anxious to Finish the first movie so yeah... MORE ON THE WAY! yeehaw. Some of those faggio Stunts we're pretty tricky :D and that Faggio outake was completely by accident :o

Yeah i just made a better quality One for the redasses site... this ones about 42 megs, 10x the size, but it looks WAY better!

so yeah thanks for the feedback!

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I like it, good job for a first vid. Hope you release more soon. :D

Stunts 5/10 - Seen them all, done them all and unfortunatly half the bike vids out there have most of these in them.

Music 7/10 - I dug the music, it wasn't my cup of tea but it kept my foot tapping, the lyrics are funny and it went well with the outtake part.

Visibility N/A - you were compressing for space, nuf said

Dont take my rating the wrong way, I just wanna be WOW'd by a Stunt Video now. Lately most of the vids I've d/l'd have been same of stuff. One way to make a great video is to jump off anything that was NOT a Jump Challenge in the game.

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smacktard are u in a clan? i heard that u are looking for one :P pm me if ur interested (we have a stunting division that could benefit by having u on it based on what ive seen in ur movie :P )

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