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Question never been asked????


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I've looked through search and i cant find this subject.....

This may be just me being ignorant but, in any release are you DEV's going to implement maybe a Friendly Fire off/on command for admins?

I have read other posts saying "just play with friends blah blah blah". Well, im an adult and i dont have any friends that play MTA, I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE but, some of these nooobs are killing the whole game for me. If im the only person who has thought of this, just delete this topic =P lol.

BTW- GJ GJ GJ GJ to the DEV's and associates, you have made my computer gaming alot more exciting! hehehe. Maybe also you could set up a Donation address?


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Yes, that may work sometimes, but i mean isnt that the whole point of how they made the game ?? (for TEAMPLAY) Its stupid when you have the 2 or 3 or 5 butts out of 26 shooting teammates.... just because i guess. What then? I was thinking about putting ded. server up but if i dont have the option of FF off than ill stick with my CS server =P. I wasnt asking as a mere client, i was asking as possibly a future admin.


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