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MTA Team, game-state.eu talk about they.



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To spare everyone and your gran from needing to sign up for reading the post, here it is:

This is a mta query's bug... We are trying to fix it, but it will take time, becouse the mta team has never released a working query...
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Don't you love when people complain about bugs that we don't bother addressing yet don't themselves bother making us aware of.

Not to side-track too much, but it's an issue which has been growing alongside more segregated communities that have zero communication with us. It is of no surprise that most of the successful MTA servers have maintained close relationships with the team.

Beyond that it confuses me how we've never released a working query, given the one in our server browser is pretty accurate.

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I like helping people in the community and the community for a better and safer community...

Little to say but, What do you guyz use to get the MTA Server List? (i.e. In the MTA Program the Server List is provided by ?)

Besides the tons of former ASE query code and the mess that is MTA 0.x, both versions of MTA in one way or another use Game-Monitor for listing servers in their server browsers.

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