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  1. I've noticed that MTA has grown quite a lot over the years. I can remember a time when it was a huge accomplishment to just get 100 players on a single server.
  2. Tested it a little bit yesterday. Noticed some nice improvements from the previous release. Great job.
  3. Box art was revealed today. http://m.rockstargames.com/newswire/art ... r-art.html I think it looks great I like how colorful it is.
  4. Oh wow MTA's a company now? Where have I been.
  5. This is truly amazing. Great job.
  6. ChaseOquinn


    Yes it is, the server is using setWeaponProperty, and server owners/scripters have to right to use any function they want in their public server.
  7. ChaseOquinn


    The server uses a script to altar the weapon configuration. Which allows players to have duel versions of weapons you cant normally have.
  8. Cool. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, but I plan to get it on PS3 and probably xbox too. About PC though, I don't really know. If I update my PC before it comes out I'll probably get it for PC as well.
  9. Yeah some people are speculating that they delayed the game to port it to next gen consoles. I really doubt that though, and I feel sorry for you, because it will be atleast a year before the PC version is released.
  10. You didn't tell me anything it's quite obvious that they were going to delay it. September is a bad month for me though, because I'll be back in college and won't be able to sit down and truly enjoy GTA V.
  11. GTA V Delayed. Release date is September 17, 2013. I'm upset over this, but I want the game to be polished well. http://m.rockstargames.com/newswire/art ... 72013.html
  12. http://m.rockstargames.com/newswire/art ... downl.html All the recent artwork added to download section and more to come this month. Besides the new artwork they also said the box art will be revealed this month.
  13. How would you know that Castillo?
  14. You can add Max Payne 3 to that list as well. It got delayed 2 months and it was still full of bugs once released. I hate to admit it, but I feel like GTA V will be delayed too. Lets just hope it's not a long delay and that's it's not full of bugs like Max Payne 3 was.
  15. Well March 27th is on a Wednesday, which means their prediction is wrong.
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