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how about just a master server running the whole VC map or say 6 servers running differant parts of the city this will make things alot better as each part of the city can have a differant erea assigned to it so area 1 can be say a stunt area, area 2 can be a race area and so on i know thisill take up alot of bandwidth but itll be kool i think

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yes! i had this idea too. that would be the coolest (but most impossible) thing ever! it would be like a real community where everyone is always in the same place. the only thing that would suck would be if you didn't want to play with certain people...you would have a harder time getting away from them if there were only a few different servers to "jump" to.

i think this is a concept that's way too far out of reach to be done on MTA, but some genious programming team should write a whole new game based on this idea. it would be like living in a real city...online...:)

if only i could program :(

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