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Golf Cart Wub


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I love nothing more then pulling up in a Golfcart and hasving the guns blaze :) Any other Golf Cart Fans around?

This may be spammy, But I wondered if in the Future you will have support for running mod servers.

And Props on doing such a good job, As I'm sure that's scattered all about this forum ;)

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I love coming out of nowhere in a golfcart and running ppl over.

But my personal fav is swooping down in a chopper on a group of ppl fighting it out, slice them up and fly away unscaved. Then watching the chat box fill up with "WTF?!". It just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling :)

My record for one swoop is 6 kills so far.

I check the colors on my radar first, ofcorce :wink:

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:idea:Why Dont we all make our own Golf Car Clan!:idea:

I can host a website for it!

Im a pro webdesigner! i love the golfcart!

PM me if you think that is a good idea

Ill join only if I get the pink golfcart. Its such a manly color... :lol:

Seriously though it would be pretty funny. Gimme a message if you want some help :) .

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