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[REL] Business System v1.3.1 - OOP, MySQL


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Business System

Current Features [v1.3.1]:

  • Creating business ingame with GUI
  • DX texts and image on marker, containing info
  • Business window, containing info and actions
  • Payout, when you create a business you specify payout and payout time
  • Bank, payout go to the bank, you can deposit and withdraw
  • Managment, you can set name, owner, cost, bank and destroy
  • Moving DX messages for info messages, check the screenshots
  • When the resource stops, timers for payout are saved, loaded on start, and completed, meaning, if payout is every 1 hour, resource stopped and there was 20 minutes left, it's saved and on start the payout timer time is 20 minutes
  • Version Check, when the resource starts, it will check if a new version is released, and will inform business admins, of new versions
  • Uses SQLite or MySQL for saving, newest functions provided by MTA
  • Fully written in OOP

Change Log:

  • Version 1.1:
    • Fixed few bugs.
    • Improved update check.
    • Added setting to hide the info shown on the marker.
    • Now when you sell a business, you get the money in the bank.

    [*]Version 1.2:

    • New moving dxOutput, old one was hideous.
    • Fixed blip staying after business destroyed bug.
    • DB functions use callbacks now, thanks to Arran for telling me.

    [*]Version 1.3

    • Fully rewritten in OOP
    • New directx user interface with the dxGUI library
    • Can now use MySQL or SQLite

    [*]Version 1.3.1

    • Revert to CEGUI
    • Fix info messages not being output


  • Use /business to open Create Business GUI.
  • There is settings in the meta for Info message type, marker color, inform player for payout, key to open business GUI, blip id, maximum number of owned businesses, hiding the info shown on the marker.
  • Adding the resource to admin group, is necessary for version checks.

Screen Shots:











GitHub Repo

Any Ideas, bugs, questions please post them.

If you want to edit something and failed, post and I will help you.

I'm out of ideas for the resource, if you have any, please post them.

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