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hitman 2 :silent assasin


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ok, so there is going to be 1 or more snipers and also some "bosses" with body guards. snipers will have to kill as many bosses as possible and bosses will have to get safely from point A to point B. snipers woud not be recognised by body guards till they shoot. after they shoot they will be recognisable for lets say 20 sec.


exactly the same but it will look more like in hitman 2. u could take clothes from other bodies, use fiber wire and pistol with silencer. and assasin will be seen after guard sees him with weapon (not if assasin has guard clothe and carries some bigger weapon unable to hide) or when they see him shoot. oh and it will be possible to hide weapons and drag bodies.

don't know if second one can be done but.

anyway thats my idea

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