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IN MEMORY OF 9/11/01

Guest SM Vipa

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Friends, Foes, And all of the Others...

Two Years ago, a boeing jet crashed into the World Trade Center Tower,

just when we thought it was over, another jet struck the tower.

Thousands have lost their lives, but we have started to regain our strength and

with God's help we can rebuild the memorial for all of the people that

died on Ground Zero. I remember 9/11/01... Do You?

:arrow: IN MEMORY OF 9/11/01

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Good point Blokker.. war on terrorism is pretty much pointless and unwinable(much like the war on drugs).. Someone is always gonna be pissed at something and find ways to fuck shit up. Sept 11th was a wake up call but unfortunately we've taken the wrong road in dealing with the issues that it raised. I have nothing but sympathy for those who lost loved ones.

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and what about all the innocent ppl who died or are being captive due to the "war against terrorism"?

Hey peeps... I know I usually just post shit (or what Bill calls quality), but this is something I actually feel very strongly about! I to feel very sincerely for the ppl who died or in any way was affected by this terrible incident!

BUT, this is no excuse for the policy G. W. Bush and his government has been running ever since. Whats the diff from thousands of innocent americans dying and thousands of innocent afghans being killed. To be a little statistic about 3-4 as many innocents died in Afghanistan than on 9.11! Then some of you might say that it is a global fight for peace and freedom but if you ask any Afghanistan expert they'll say that its a country that the government has absolutely no control of due to lacking support from american troops! They are in Iraq fighting another freedom fight where they are apparently staying around to keep control! Why: Its called oil! I say this idea of starting war to gain peace is like f*cking for virginity!

Anyways, this is just an extract of whats my oppinion but I think everyone would like me to stop now!

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and i am locking this since it is gonna be a political debate. I do have a final comment:

I find it egoistical from americans to only think of the people of 9/11 like they are the only innocent people that have died in the last years. Every day is 9/11 in Rwanda, every day 3000 innocent ppl die there due to war. I think, i beleive we should commemarate all victems of war and terorism.

Useless deaths should not happen, but this is not a perfect world. We should all work together and to the Americans : there is no I in we!

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