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  1. AnnRKey

    F'n banks...

    because they can be... isnt capitalism wonderful?? LMAO that is a good story me
  2. yea but thats only #mta.. u can still get into other chans
  3. why'd u get banned? also you gonna be fightin tonite?
  4. VCK is playin tonite.. as far as i know all gangs are still fighting.. 2hrs and counting.
  5. Like B.L.A.S.T.A. really needs a gang HQ.. only time i see em is when they're playin with VCK/VCA but ouside of that their claim to the whole airport area seems very appropriate considering the theme I notice that we only have 3 gangs that have selected spots... i know theres ALOT more than that so lets those points distributed
  6. good idea for having some fav servers saved but for me at least when i close out MTA and reopen it, it still has the last server i was on in automatically.
  7. Interesting post as we have already started gang wars:).. first game was last saturday and we are having another game this saturday. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4167&start=0 this is the thread describing the games and times ect. Not sure if your gang will be able to start as we've started playin but we may be able to work something out. As far as gangs in specific countries this being the internet that is kinda a moot point. and would be hard to do as I know VCK and SM have members in many different countries and i wouldn't be suprised if the other gangs are the same. If you are talking about setting up a completly different system then we'll see how that goes. These gang fights are serious but I'm sure they are going to change with the new releases as there will be more Gang specific functions added to MTA.
  8. AnnRKey

    Scary Games

    Alien vs. Predator2 was some scarys ass shit when you play the marines. I started my gaming at the ripe age of 5 on an Atari Computer(not console) game was like Joe of the Jungle or sum shit..
  9. Really good idea. Since i'm sure there are going to be disputes as to which gang holds what(way to jump on that mik ), how will we determine who gets what in a dispute. I think that setting up a gang fight on a disputed territory would be a good idea. And will gangs have the possiblity of holding more than one territory(obviously this should be worked out later once gangs have determined their primary territory).
  10. ahhhh ok.. (feel like an idiot now.. probably not just a feeling)...
  11. I'm afraid we have some bad news. Please, you might want to stay seated." Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on: August 19, 2034 at the age of 55 years old. On that date you will most likely die from: Cancer (35%) Heart Attack (13%) Alcoholism (10%) Drowning (6%) Alien Abduction (5%) damn... that seems too old .... must not be doing somthing right.. oh well been meaning to get into drug/gun running and bareback prostitution... better get started soon
  12. hmmm guess i should've put a "flame on" at the end of my last post if that is what you were talkin about as far as there already being a topic i must be blind and or incompetent (good possiblity of either) as i do not see that as a topic in anyof the forums... sooooo where is the topic??
  13. from what i understand we've got the next rounds coming up this saturday?? if so i'm thinkin we should have a new topic for gang fights.. a sticky if possible that way schedules and that can be posted and easily found... if a mod or someone could take care of that it would be great
  14. w00t thanks much Wojjie and Robpol86!!!!
  15. I dunno.. i think all skins should be available and a group shouldn't have to be the same skin... ya got name tags;)
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